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Finding an Intentional Life

I have previously shared with you how I feel that my life is broken. I also shared that I don't feel happy with life as it currently stands. I have a desire to find meaning in my life, as well as a purpose for my life.  I feel that the wheels of life are spinning and I am just standing still, wasting my time on earth. I wonder if I need to be intentional with my life. I have … [Read More...]


I am a Broken Man

I am a broken man. Broken in so many ways, just as we all are in one or more ways. Spiritually Broken We are all broken people when it comes to what God wants for our lives. We don’t like the way that God wants us to live, and we often try to live our […]


Happiness in Intelligent People

Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know. Ernest Hemmingway This quote really resonates with me at the moment in my life. While I have never had an official IQ test, the online tests I have completed show that my IQ is quite high. As much as I don’t want to believe them, […]


I Cancelled my Gym Membership

Do you have a gym membership?  Do you use it regularly? I cancelled my gym membership this week! I’m not sure whether to call it an achievement or not. In some ways it isn’t an achievement, but in others it is because I finally decided to call it quits after months of ummm’ing and ahhh’ing […]