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Nairobi Chapel Band

Last night was one very interesting night at church. The band from Nairobi Chapel were at church to lead us in worship. Dancing & jumping around in church is definitely left field for me. I was way out of my comfort zone. It is not somsething that comes naturally to me, I am more of the silent toe tapping, hands-in-pockets kind of worshipper at church. Jumping, dancing … [Read More...]

Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness

I have been relatively unhappy with life recently & I am on a journey of finding happiness. I feel that my happiness has disappeared when I discovered I could buy what I wanted, when I wanted.  I have been sucked in by consumerism. I have been thinking that one key to finding happiness is minimalism. So […]


Finding an Intentional Life

I have previously shared with you how I feel that my life is broken. I also shared that I don’t feel happy with life as it currently stands. I have a desire to find meaning in my life, as well as a purpose for my life.  I feel that the wheels of life are spinning […]


I am a Broken Man

I am a broken man. Broken in so many ways, just as we all are in one or more ways. Spiritually Broken We are all broken people when it comes to what God wants for our lives. We don’t like the way that God wants us to live, and we often try to live our […]