We are Facebook Products


Now that Facebook has decided to try a new revenue model, that involves you paying to promote your latest Facebook status (especially if you have a Facebook pages) maybe it is time to consider deciding to stop being a product that Facebook sells. I myself have tried to limit the interaction I have with Facebook, […]

Jesus Paid it All

I stumbled across this yesterday and definitely like the vibe of it.  This is the second version I have heard from the original hymn.  I do like it and would love to have been part of the congregation when this was recorded. You can buy the album Sin from Kings Kaleidescope over at BandCamp. Thanks […]

How to Move an IMAP Folder File

How to move the IMAP personal folder (*.pst) ? In order to move the IMAP personal folder (*.pst), you have to first close Outlook, then make sure Outlook is not listed in Task Manager, Processes tab, a few minutes after you close it. Steps to move the IMAP personal folder (*.pst) Open the profile (Control […]

Place the Big Rocks First

Stephen Covey in his book, First Things First, shares the following story experienced by one of his associates: One day this expert was speaking to a group of business students and, to drive home a point, used an illustration I’m sure those students will never forget. After I share it with you, you’ll never forget […]

I’m Failing

I really am failing.  I thought it would be easy enough to post daily for NaBloPoMo and I am already failing at being daily. I have no idea how some people do it, especially those people who choose to write 30,000 words in a month for NaNoWriMo.  I think I’m going to be lucky to […]