About Andrew

I struggle to write about myself, but this is my attempt:

First of all, let my introduce myself. I am Andrew Barnett. I am a human going about my life on a daily basis since 1985. I am a Civil Engineer by day, and full time husband to my wife Melinda. I started blogging around the year 2007 and have tried to use it as an outlet to share my views and opinions, as well as using it to vent my frustration.

shedding my fat

I have been a large person for the majority of my life. As I approach time of life where starting a family becomes a priority, I realise that to ensure that I am alive for my future children, I need to be fit and healthy. Being a fat person isn’t part of being a fit and healthy lifestyle and I acknowledge that I need to do something about it.

shedding my fat is my journey to lose some of the excess fat that I carry around of a daily basis.

my cube story

I am learning to speed cube and solve the Rubik’s Cube using the Jessica Fridrich method (CFOP). I want to achieve a sub-30 time for solving the 3x3x3 cube. While I know that I will probably never go sub-15 seconds, at least learning one of the speed solving methods will give me a sense of achievement.

my cube story documents my journey to learning the methodology and reducing my solving times.

a few facts about me

  • i am a human;
  • i am married to my wife, Melinda;
  • i was born in 1985;
  • i am a civil engineer;
  • i can play the piano;
  • my wedding was the best day of my life;
  • i love starting new projects;
  • i hate finishing projects (they get in the way of new ones);
  • i get myself flustered when I overthink things and feel as though people judge when they likely aren’t;

contact me

I manage far too many social media accounts (something I need to work on). You can find me at:

Last updated: 24 September 2014